Kim Lolipop (Diane Holsträter)

Ever since our authoress first set foot on the island, in her own words, she has been spellbound by the magic of Ibiza which she describes as a very special place that never ceases to surprise her. It was here, in Cala San Vicente, where she began writing children´s stories. A few years back, she created a number of short stories in which the children were the heroes of their own adventures and always, unknowingly, learnt something new. The narration enables young readers to follow their fantasies in a very natural way. During the creation process, friends of the author encouraged her to publish the stories. No sooner said than done! In December of 2012, the Universidad of Islas Baleares, in Palma de Mallorca, published these first few stories in the book “Hello Ibiza”, in Catalan. Today, the work is also available in German. Proceeds of the book will go towards several projects in benefit of children which Kim Lolipop supports together with Manos Unidas.

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